Affiliate marketing networks in the US

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July 27, 2014 by 1bestindex

Webmasters who wish to improve their finances often turn to affiliate marketing in order to get a steady stream of income which is not connected to their products. Affiliate marketing networks in the US can range from the global, such as Google, or the smaller, US-only companies. Being able to find a suitable company within the US can not only help to keep the branding relevant to customers, but may also ensure that there are no complications with payments, or with currency conversions. Most of these companies are US-based, but large companies, such as ClixGalore, can still provide payments in US dollars, and have offices in the US which will ensure that any problems are quickly resolved. Finding the perfect affiliate marketing networks in the US is not always easy, but webmasters who want to have links to reliable networks should consider one of these companies.


ClixGalore: Although founded in Australia, ClixGalore has a US office and most programs will pay in US dollars. The range of links and brands means that US webmasters can set up a link to this network and get reliable, regular financial benefits.


Clear Compass Digital Group: Formerly known as ClickXchange, this network offers a range of benefits to US websites, including high-paying links, and revenue-sharing capabilities. All of their offers are developed in-house, and they can even create exclusive links for partners. They link webmasters to individual account managers, and can also provide tracking and timely payments.


Avant Link: This network offers specialist links such as Paid Ad Placements, which provide 24-hour payments. The webmaster sets up a banner, and merchants bid for the space. The link provides fees for both the initial ad placement, and then standard commission payments for clicks or actions. Their product ad widget allows websites to promote the same display on a range of web pages, ensuring that the banner is the same on each page.


LinkConnector: The network provides a dedicated team designed to help both merchants and affiliates to get the most from their ads. Webmasters can achieve high payouts with professional banners and links. The network also uses technology to improve these ads, including affiliate connections with merchants, Pay-Per-Call or Pay-Per-Go, which ensures added earning power. There are also standard earning events such as Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Lead.


Webgains US: Working with merchants and affiliates means that Webgains US is one of the most influential affiliate marketing networks in the US. It offers a single account for all websites and keyword campaigns, as well as high-end tracking of finances and sales. There are both weekly and monthly payments and rewards for affiliates including commission. All of these services are well supported.

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